During the Christmas break of 2003, whilst browsing the web, I found an Open University course in philosophy. A851 was an introductory course at masters level, a first step towards an MA in philosophy. I have had a life long, though untrained, interest in philosophy. My head got rather bent out of shape by reading Descartes in my teens, and so, despite being somewhat underqualified, I decided that I would give the course a go. I was too late to enrol, but with a little persistence, the OU allowed me to register late. In the end, I did all three years and completed the course, earning a distinction and some very encouraging comments on the final dissertation; encouraging enough that I am contemplating enrolling for a PhD.

I can be contacted by email at intro at topmeadow dot net .

My masters dissertation: Intergenerational Justice and the Need for a Sustainable Society: What are the Implications for Rawlsian Liberalism?

I am now undertaking some research into the philosophical underpinnings of the concept of information and will publish some of my notes on this site.